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Every year, parents and students trust Top Tutors to help their grades improve.

Of course, parents would first contact several tuition agencies to review and compare tutor profiles.

Ultimately, they would choose Top Tutors. We have built a very strong team of over 22,000+ qualified and experienced private tutors.

Thanks to parents’ support, Top Tutors is Singapore’s most admired tuition agency. Since 2006.

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Hello, I am Margaret
My team of experienced private tutors and professional tuition coordinators are looking forward to hearing from you!

Margaret Chew
Former HOD, top school in the Holland-Bukit Timah area
MA (UC Berkeley – Graduate School of Education)
MA (Imperial College London – Engineering)

MA (University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program)

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Eg 2 hours each session, twice a week, Mondays anytime from 4pm to 7pm etc
The majority of tutors in Singapore currently prefer to conduct online lessons. Thus, if you are OK with lessons being held online, it is likely that there will be more experienced tutors who apply for your assignment.

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Proven Track Records

  • Over 22,000 carefully pre-screened MOE Teachers, Master’s/PhD, Graduated/Undergraduate Private Tutors
  • Latest MOE syllabus
  • Learn effective and practical exam skills
  • Choose from 4 to 10 private tutor profiles. Within 24 hours after telling us the qualifications you want in your tutor
  • All of our home tutors have proven track records of improving their students’ grades 
  • They each have between 2 to 30 years of tuition experience
  • Unproductive private tutors are excluded from our database

Top Scoring Students Are Our Clients

Do You Need Private Tuition?

  • Every year, the curriculum and exam requirements get more and more complex
  • Still, there are students in your class or cohort who manage to score almost perfect grades
  • Many of these students are clients of Top Tutors

You Can Expect Grade Jumps

  • Some of these students were already scoring well and needed an expert mentor to help them maintain their 90+ marks, year after year
  • Other students were barely passing, and then managed to achieve 3 grade jumps
  • A number of our students were scoring 30+ marks and their grades subsequently improved to consistent Cs and Bs
  • Are you having trouble learning the topics taught in class?
  • Can you focus when you are studying in a big group?
  • Are you too shy to ask questions in a class?
  • Are your grades below average or below your expectations?
  • Is your school teacher giving you insufficient attention when you have questions?
  • Do you have specific areas to improve upon?
  • Is the tuition centre too far from your home?
  • Do you need last-minute help for your exams and assignments?
  • Are you worried that your grades will not be good enough for the school/university of your choice?
  • Did you wake up this morning knowing that you need a home tutor who has sound knowledge of the subject syllabus and exam requirements?

A-Grade Tutors

Our Experience As Singapore's Top Tuition Agency

  • Tutors must have scored a distinction in the subject they are teaching, before we consider showing their profile to you
  • Our private tuition teachers each specialize in different subjects, and some regularly teach two or three subjects
  • Combined with an ability to teach and backed by a track record of helping their students achieve A’s, you can be confident that you too will see grade improvements
  • Top Tutors is Singapore’s most popular private tuition agency. Annually, we match students with their ideal tutor 
  • Many years ago, we had seen for ourselves that when a tutor teaches the student the wrong information (because the tutor is not really competent), the chances of the student’s grades improving are very slim
  • We do not want to take risks with your grades

Good Tutors Were Not Average Students

Experienced And Qualified Tuition Coordinators

  • Some parents might think that as long as they have someone come to their home to guide their child, that the student’s grades will stabilize or improve
  • The reality (that all MOE teachers know) is that the most crucial factor that determines whether your child is able to achieve better grades is: does the tutor teach the correct content?
  • Top Tutors does not show profiles of tutors who did not score A’s in the subject(s) they teach
  • This is important because this means that Top Tutors has unparalleled experience in knowing which of our tutors truly understand the MOE syllabus, knows the latest marking/exam requirements, and can teach proven studying & knowledge-application techniques
  • It’s a great partnership: you know your child best, while we know our top-performing tutors best

Start Private Tuition Tomorrow

Professional Tutor Matching, By Singapore's Top Tuition Agency

  • Our large database of reliable private tutors means that we can very quickly match you with a professional tutor that suits your unique requirements
  • You might even be able to start your first lesson as early as tomorrow! 
  • Each of our full-time coordinators has several years of success in tutor matching, and had graduated from NUS, NTU or SMU
  • Some of us have taught at MOE schools
  • Collectively, we have accumulated almost 100 years of experience in the tuition industry in Singapore


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Accurate Match Method

Our Accurate Match method is designed specifically for the parent and student who do not want to leave finding a good home tutor to “luck”.

Or worse, to a low-end, entry-level computerized tutor matching system because the tuition coordinator is too lazy to make the effort to do a thorough and appropriate search.

How Accurate Match Works

Accurate Match was specially developed for Top Tutors by one of our founders, who was a partner at one of the world’s most successful and elite headhunting firms – which places board members and C-level executives (CEO, Chief Training Officer, etc) in the world’s largest multi-national companies and banks.

We harness state-of-the-art technology, to carefully search through our large, extensive database of private tuition teachers. We then meticulously interview each qualified candidate for suitability, before we show you between 4 to 10 tutor profiles.

With Top Tutors, you can select from the best tutors available in Singapore.

Reason We Are The Most Popular Tuition Agency

Through this distinctive method of selecting only the top-performing tutors whose tutoring strengths are exactly what parents and students are seeking for their learning needs, we grew to be the top tuition agency in Singapore.

Our proven methodology to interview and shortlist only the most accomplished tutors for each unique assignment we accept has enabled students’ grades to quickly and sustainably improve.

And when students’ grades improve, our clients ask us to recommend tutors for more subjects for them, their relatives and their colleagues.

Responsible, committed, successful tutors

Tuition Home

Clear Explanations

Understand content from even the most difficult chapters.

Exam Preparation

Intensive and extensive revision of the entire syllabus.

Patient, Friendly, Professional

Teaching methods to suit every learning style.

the Private tutors that we Shortlist for you have proven track records of helping their students' grades improve. Fast.

These specialist home tutors are able to correct errors on the spot, and to guide you to the correct ways to answer the difficult questions.

Our strict requirement before we show tutor profiles to our clients is that our tutors themselves must have scored distinctions in the subjects they now teach – when they attended primary school, secondary school, junior college and/or university.


Only qualified and professional tutors are able to do this, consistently.

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Parent Testimonials - Effective Home Tuition

Teacher Teresa is very caring and has helped my son improve from a B to an A. Finally, he can score A for all his subjects! I had called a few tuition agencies and when I spoke to Top Tutors, they could immediately understand what I want.
Carolyn, Mountbatten

My daughter was very good in English in Secondary 1 and 2. In Secondary Three, her essays were not very good. I am glad you found me Mr Ang because her essays now have very creative plots and she is getting her As again.
Ban Ching, Tanglin

I was desperately looking for a tutor in April this year, after discovering that my Primary 6 son had failed his Math and Chinese CA1. Thankfully, I found tutors through your coordinator. By SA1, my son’s grades moved one grade and by SA2, he was scoring an A. His PSLE results enabled him to enter St Joseph’s Institution. Thank you for your help!
Mrs Kee, Jurong

Mr Lim boosted my P6 son’s confidence and self esteem during his tuition. I am very grateful. After going through many tutors until 2015, I am so relieved that we were shown Mr Lim’s profile. He takes time to listen to my son, set realistic expectations for him, and correctly identified his strengths and weaknesses. These simple steps worked very well, because we really need to have effective home tuition. My son has learnt to accept and value himself as a talented individual. This change in mindset and attitude has translated into improved grades. Thanks, Top Tutors.
Dr Ang, Bukit Timah

Ms Boey covers the math syllabus in great detail, according to my P5 daughter. I was worried that she can’t catch up when she was placed in the 2nd best class in her school. I am so pleased that she topped her class this year. Thanks to Ms Boey for her coaching and guidance. This has been very effective home tuition!
Mrs Kay, Tanglin

Mr Garry is a very dedicated tutor. He gives my daughter many examples of how math is applied in the real world. This makes math more relevant to her, and is easier to understand. I am really pleased at how he is encouraging her interest in science. Thanks for your help these past 2 years
Mr Tiong, Pasir Ris

Mr Tan is good. My son has tried so many tutors but none of them was able to capture his attention. I was about to give up home on being able to find effective home tuition. Getting an MOE teacher like Mr Tan really made a difference. Thanks for showing us his profile.
Sharon, River Valley

I was looking for a tutor for my son in JC Chemistry, Physics and Math. It was not easy to find good tutors for these subjects. After calling a few agencies, I felt very comfortable with Top Tutors. Thanks for recommending a few good MOE teachers for my son. Their help made a huge difference, thank goodness for effective home tuition.
Madam Cheong, Katong

Thanks so much for your very prompt and professional response. Thanks too for helping us find tutors for English and Chinese within a day.
Julie, Tanjong Pagar

Alicia is a patient and engaging tutor. She is able to explain in a clear and concise manner. She also prepares notes, worksheets and practice papers – all these helped my son to do much better in his SA2 exams
Siew Choo, Upper Bukit Timah

Madam Toh knows the Chinese syllabus very well and is able to use English to have a good bilingual conversation with my son. It costs more to hire a current school teacher, but it is definitely worth it because my son is less resistant to learning Chinese now.
Barry, Pasir Ris

Ms Lee is very patient and friendly. She helps my daughter understand her syllabus. It really made a lot of difference, and my daughter is happy
Bill Chua, Jurong East

Mr Chong is strict but very friendly. We like how knowledgeable he is about Physics.
Steven, Woodlands

Mrs Wong is a very dedicated primary school tutor. She used to teach at an MOE school and is now a part time tutor because she is a mother of a young daughter. Mrs Wong explained many science concepts to my son. Daniel had never been confident about his science. My husband and I are both working and we are not familiar with the latest syllabus and exam requirements. Mrs Wong is very responsible. Through her close guidance and good teaching, my son was able to develop a love for science and he scored an A* in his PSLE. Thank you for your help, Top Tutors! I must also commend your coordinators for their professional assistance.
Madam Pang, Holland

At the end of each lesson, Teacher Wendy updates me on my daughter’s progress. She has excellent knowledge of how to score well in General Paper. My daughter is now among the top 3 in her class. Effective home tuition has greatly reduced my stress levels.
Mrs Eng, Bukit Batok

My son had his first Chemistry tuition session today, and he found Mr Fong’s explanation to be clear. Mr Fong was able to properly cover the areas that my son was having difficulties with. This helps a lot with his exam preparation.
Stephanie, Orchard

Thanks Top Tutors for listening and being so professional when showing tutor profiles to me. Madam Teng is an excellent Chinese tutor, and all it took you was one day from the time I first called, till our confirmation of the tutor.
Charles, Holland

My daughter likes Mr Ng because he is able to explain clearly. He is committed and has his own method of teaching. Thank you Top Tutors for being patient and trying so hard to find us the ideal tutor. These 2 years have been a blessing because of effective home tuition.
Jennifer, Outram

My son enjoys Ms Ong’s lessons because she is helpful and is able to explain well. Chemistry is a difficult subject, and my son understands the concepts better now.
John, Bukit Merah

The coordinators at Top Tutors are very helpful and knowledgeable. They have a good pool of tutors, and the ones I was shown had been successful in their other tuition assignments. Gives me the confidence that through effective home tuition, the tutors will teach my P3 daughter well. Her results did improve 2 grades for her SA2.
Mrs Tan, Ang Mo Kio

Ms Teo has been teaching my daughters Math and Science since Primary 5 and Primary 3. Such a relief that we had effective home tuition. They are now in Secondary school. Ms Teo is meticulous, patient and encouraging in her teaching. She has been a positive influence on my kids. They look up to her, and they look forward to her lessons. She is a role model in perseverance and my daughters feel a lot more confident before their exams.
Mrs Lee, Woodlands

Clear Explanations

Understand content from even the most difficult chapters.

Exam Preparation

Intensive and extensive revision of the entire syllabus.

Patient, Friendly, Professional

Teaching methods to suit every learning style.

Student Testimonials - Effective Home tuition 

I feel happy whenever I have chemistry lessons because you are such an approachable tutor. Somehow, the difficult questions become easier and more understandable after listening to your explanations. See you next year!
Cheryl, Temasek Junior College

You are a wonderful tutor. Thanks for guiding me through the math questions. It was a difficult start to the year and I am glad that my parents found you.
Yi Liang, Admiralty Secondary School

Thank you for having faith in me and believing that I would do well. You are very knowledgeable in Chinese, so I trusted that you would guide me properly. Really grateful that you put in so much sincere effort to help me write and understand better.
Benny, Anglo Chinese School

Effective home tuition helps me cope better in school. We go through the worksheets and Ms Loh explains why some of my answers are wrong. She is very encouraging, and I don’t feel shy about asking her so many questions.
Xin Ying, Fairfield Methodist School

My form teacher told me that I learn more slowly than my classmates. I felt so sad when I heard that. My dad found me a tutor, Ms Leong. She taught me very patiently and I was able to understand faster. I still have the same form teacher this year, and she commented that I am more confident and have better results this year.
Alicia, school in the North

I had no clue what was going on during classes. It took a lot of patient explanations by Ms Cheung before I could understand. I am now less grouchy when I have to learn for exams. It really helps that I have effective home tuition.
Yong Wen, Deyi Secondary School

You have been a very caring tutor. I really appreciate what you have done for my brother and me. I was grumpy during our first sessions. Sorry about that. I am glad you continued to teach me and helped me through so many difficult topics and exams.
Abby, Anglo Chinese Junior College

We laughed a lot and I still managed to learn more than I expected to. Really appreciate your good temperament and patience.
Kristopher, Raffles Institution

I think I have said enough for this entire year. Thanks for being so patient all the time in helping me with my so many questions and explaining those difficult assignment questions that the school gave. All those ups and downs. Fortunately, there was effective home tuition during the academic roller coaster rides!
Wei Chiang, Hwa Chong Institution

Thanks for tutoring me from a barely-could-pass to a comfortable A in General Paper. I scored an A in GCE O Levels English, so I could not believe how badly I was doing in GP. I needed a good grade for GP because I want to study law.
Hui Kay, National University of Singapore Law Faculty

I remember the difficult math methods because Ms Rosalind told me funny jokes about the parts I had problems with. Thanks for the exam tips and the very effective home tuition.
Tzi Rui, River Valley High School

Mr Andrew’s lessons in geography is perhaps the only lesson that I look forward to. My other subjects are doing well so I don’t need tuition for them. But Geog was a bit of a problem. Thanks for your guidance, and for such effective home tuition. My perspectives are so much better now.
Sean, Ngee Ann Secondary

Mr Yeo inspired me in English, even though I never liked to write or speak in Standard English. He taught me simple and effective ways to improve my attitude toward writing well. This effective home tuition has made me generally a lot more confident during exams and projects.
Calvin, Bedok Green Secondary School

Without Ms Carol’s help, I would not have been able to get a B for my History. I had always failed before Ms Carol started tutoring me. Ms Carol[s unwavering support and enthusiasm really helped my grades improve.
Albert, Chua Chu Kang Secondary

Ms Ang is very helpful. When I don’t know how to solve a difficult question, she will explain it very clearly to make me understand. When I still don’t understand, she will explain it again, in another way. Because of her, I have been able to solve problems that my classmates can’t. And I’m in the best class in my school, so this means a lot to me.
Dorothy, Methodist Girls School

Mr Loh knows the subject very well. He has given valuable feedback on where I must improve. I am able to correct my bad habits.
Steven, Chung Cheng High School (Main)

Mr Lim is very engaging and cheerful. Good tutor, and he gives me very clear and precise guidance in Literature. I am so that I now have effective home tuition.
Manish, Commonwealth Secondary School

The examples that Ms Vee gave me are very relevant to what I need to learn in Physics. She teaches very well and she understands my learning style.
Asyraaf, Edgefield Secondary School

Ms Andrea is an amazing tutor. She teaches in a secondary school and she teaches me on weekends. Ms Andrea tells me the areas that her students have problems with, and reminds me to not make the same mistakes. Math is less of a nightmare for me now.
Yi Kai, Gan Eng Seng School

Ms Tracey ensures that I understand every concept before we move on to the next topic. Some days, I take longer to understand and I pretend like I do. She can tell that I can’t, so she would patiently and kindly guide me through it again. She’s OK with it because she knows that I am tired. I represent the school in sports, and I am always busy in training.
Malcolm, St Gabriel’s Secondary School

Initially, I was struggling with Physics and I was failing every assignment. Mr Kassim is a very good Physics tutor. He very quickly saw what I was doing wrong and taught me good study methods, and how to understand the laws and concepts that have been a mystery to me. I really like his step by step approach. It’s much better that I am able to understand before I try to memorize. Can you imagine trying to memorize the entire textbook if you can’t understand? Horrors. After teaching me for over 1 year, I managed to get an A for my O Levels. A major improvement! I am now taking Physics at A Levels, and of course Mr Kassim is still my tutor.
Barry, Anglo Chinese Junior College

Mr Evan has solid knowledge of chemistry and physics. I’m doing well in biology, so I don’t need tuition in bio. His teaching method is friendly and clear. Now I don’t regret taking triple science. And it is all because of effective home tuition 🙂
Leon, Mayflower Secondary School

I have learned to analyze the exam questions so that I can answer them without being off-point.
Annie, Punggol Secondary School

I definitely like Ms Poh’s way of teaching and methods of effective home tuition as it suits me best. She has been my English tutor for 3 years and I scored As during these 3 years.
Stacey, Raffles Girls Primary School

My tutor Ms Angeline does not spoon-feed. She coaches. This has worked well for me. I am glad that Top Tutors recommended me a tutor that suits my learning style.
Bernadette, School of the Arts

Understanding Social Studies was an issue for me. Mr Wang arranged the information so that I could see how everything connected. I think I topped my class this SA2.
Chuan Hin, Seng Kang Secondary School

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